About Me

I've been working on software development since 2016, I'm interested in web programming, machine learning, deep learning and database systems. I'm Enes Ince from Istanbul Technical University in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Today, I'm going to talk about my past a little bit, then talk about my today and my future goals.

I was born in Gaziantep/Şahinbey before about 19 years ago from today. After kindergarten, primary school and middle school, in the year of 2015, I started to high school and in January of 2016, with the suggestion of my friend with whom I'm in same dormitory, I started to write code with C programming language, but I don't know English, math and the needs for programming and software engineering.

Over time, I began to complete these needs except English, but this time I missed the classes and I was behind my peers in terms of classes. When I came to 12. grade, I switched to open education high school and I began to prepare university exam (YKS). With the exam results, I entered Istanbul Technical University Electrical Engineering Department. After entering the university, I studied in one-year preparation school (YDY) and today, I'm a freshman in electrical engineering department.

Today, I have a intermediate-advanced insight into web development (frontend - backend) and basic understanding of machine learning (python). Among my future goals, I will focus on the intersect of machine learning and electrical engineering. That's why I chose Smart Grids, which it is even its infant, and I think that Smart Grids is technology of upcoming years and I will continue my career in Smart Grids.

The goal of opening up this blog is that I'd like to share my ideas with people and I like to share my knowledge with others. I hope you enjoy reading my contents. This blog is for you to discover my world.